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See below for our workout videos that contain personal training techniques used right here at Ebrook Fitness.

The Bear Crawl Exercise

Here’s an awesome exercise to do before doing an upper body session. The aim here is to stabilise the shoulder joint and mobilise the scapula, all whilst engaging the core muscles and working on proprioception.

It’s also a handy exercise to improve posture and reduce rounded shoulders.

To perform this, get into a bear crawl position on all fours with the knees under the hips and elbows locked out.

Without moving your arms, squeeze your shoulder blades together and then push away.

The Sissy Squat Exercise

The Sissy Squat machine is perfect for isolating the quads and assisting in a good range of movement in the knee and hips. (Personally I feel some contraction in the anterior tibialis as well)

I’ve been trying it out with a few clients this week and they’ve all felt the burn! 🔥

To perform be sure to lean back against the back pad and sit back as though there is an imaginary low chair behind you and then, once your knees are about in line with your hips or slightly lower, lift yourself back up again.

It’s a bit unnerving and scary at first, but with practice the movement will become smooth and you’ll gain more confidence in the kit 👌

TRX Split Squat Exercise

This is one of my most favourite leg exercises to finish a lower body session 💪 The TRX split squat is perfect for strengthening the quads and glutes whilst also incorporating some balance.

The best way i find to perform this exercise is to place the TRX into a single hand mode and when performing the movement don’t think too much about bending the front knee, but instead think about dipping your back knee down.

This way you’ll be able to increase your range of movement both at the hip and knee joint 💥

Bent Over Row Exercise

Great exercise here for building up the muscles in the back, especially the lats 💪

To perform a bent over row, I find it easiest to start with a deadlift and then hip hinge into the bottom position on a Romanian deadlift.

From there drag the bar up the thighs pulling your elbows backwards.

It doing this the muscles in the back will be doing most of the pulling rather than the arms.

So be sure to think “drag bar, elbows back” rather than just “bend arms”

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