Personal Training in Sutton Coldfield

If you are local to The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield and need a personal trainer then Ebrook Fitness is the right place for you to get fit and change your life.

For many people searching for personal training in sutton coldfield Ebrook Fitness offers a different approach to getting you fit.

Personal training here at Ebrook Fitness is distinctly different from training at a gym.

Here, our trainers specialise in biomechanics and exercise technique to prevent and rehabilitate from injury.

Even in people who are pain free, having correct form can be the difference between progress and stagnation. Getting the initial building blocks of your training right means our clients can accelerate their fitness at an unprecedented rate.

You can get a completely free personal training consultation for the first visit you make.

Personal Training In Sutton Coldfield

Sports Performance

The premier location for training for enhanced sports performance. Our trainers keep it simple using resistance and modified body weight exercises to carefully programme neuromuscular pathways to ensure precise execution of the movements required of your particular sport.

The best time to rehabilitate is before you get injured. Don’t wait for the strains of training to mount up – correct your form, become stronger and make your body more resilient.

So, whether it’s running, football, cycling, boxing or martial arts – our trainers work to get your form more natural, your technique more precise, and to increase your speed and flexibility.

Personal Training With Ebrook Fitness

Fat Loss

If your target is to improve your body composition, we have the expertise to help. Our trainers are schooled in nutrition to supplement your training regimen.

Working one to one can give you the confidence to succeed where you might have previously given up. With the support of your trainer, you can learn to understand your relationship with food and exercise and become the master of your own body. For health, nutrition is just as important as training. See our nutrition advice page for more information.

Increasing lean body mass and reducing body fat can be done in a sustainable way, with individual support from your trainer, delicious recipe suggestions, tracked measurements and all the encouragement you need to achieve your goal.

Training Unique to your needs

There is no better training programme than one that is designed solely for you. Your trainer will listen to your health and fitness concerns, and together you can decide on realistic and achievable goals, before they plan a programme to enable you to achieve them, we are certain if your looking for a personal training in Sutton Coldfield this is the place for you!

Your personal trainer is your right-hand man, here to support and encourage you.

Personal Training Unique To You

Train together

Sharing your training with someone who shares your goal is a great way to keep your motivation high. Team up with your friend, partner, spouse or sibling to achieve more from your training programme; encourage one another to stick to the programme and turn up the competition in training sessions.

What’s more, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the savings that can be made when you train together.

Personal Training with a Friend - Train Together

Benefits of having a Personal Trainer

For personal training in Sutton Coldfield look no further! From our background in healthcare and injury rehabilitation comes our devoted Fitness company. Bringing dynamic trainers together in a health care environment has been the cornerstone in our plan to future-proof your fitness.

At Ebrook Fitness, it’s not about who’s the thinnest, fastest or who can shout the loudest. Our business is built on one ideal; to help our clients live their fullest and healthiest life. We help you set the goal, then help you smash it!

The benefits of exercise are far reaching… How could you transform your life?

Cardiovascular Health

Keeping your heart and lungs healthy is key. There’s no substitute for cardiovascular fitness, and that’s why we encourage our clients to incorporate it into their fitness plans.

Our training plans contain cardio-intervals; small periods where you’re working at maximum capacity. Push yourself to the limit, then rest.

This type of training is also known as HIIT (high intensity interval training) which has been shown to be particularly effective for fat loss.

Cardiovascular Health

Lean Body Mass

As much as weight-loss may be your goal, it’s important to tone up and maintain your lean body mass. Muscle tissue has a higher metabolic rate than fat – put simply, muscle is more efficient at burning calories and needs more fuel, or calories, every day to exist in your body.

Having strong muscles helps to reduce the effects of ageing on our bones and joints. Our trainers are experts in developing lean muscle through strength training with their clients one-to-one.

A strong, lean body burns more calories, and stands the tests of time.

Tone Up And Maintain Your Lean Body Mass

Mental Health

A lot of our clients choose to take their training for the simple reason that it is amazing for your state of mind! It’s widely acclaimed by the medical community that exercise is an amazing management tool for anxiety and depression.

Our trainers are lucky enough to be close to great outdoor spaces to take their clients’ workouts outside. Getting out in the fresh air coupled with the endorphin rush of exercise is one of the best things you can do for your mental health!
“The indoor generation” who use cars and trains to get to their office jobs are denied sunlight and environmental stimulus that is so important for maintaining a healthy mind.

Spending a little time each week on something for yourself is a great way to show self-care.

Personal Training at Ebrook Fitness in The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield

Future-Proof Fitness

We’re all living longer (hooray!) But to live a good long life, we need our bodies to stand the test of time. With diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer all influenced by the care we give to our bodies through life, it seems like a good idea to mitigate the risk. Choosing not to smoke or drink in excess, and choosing to exercise and eat a healthy diet can reduce your chances of incurring these health problems. Our trainers can identify areas of your lifestyle to improve and give you helpful advice to achieve your health goals.

The protective health benefits of exercise are so massive, that improving the condition of your body can improve the condition of pre-existing health complaints like hypertension and pre-diabetes. It’s never too late to start living healthier!

Health Benefits Of Exercise

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