Rehabilitation and Pilates

For those recovering from injury, our rehabilitation programmes are the perfect complement to your manual therapy treatments. Using the latest in biomechanical research, our practitioners work together to ensure your return to function is as fast and engaging as possible.

Many patients need more support than traditional physiotherapy can offer. Our practitioners are afforded the time to focus on a patient’s needs, assess their bodies fully, and strengthen them accordingly.

Whether you need to maintain your independence, or prepare for joint replacement surgery, we can help to strengthen your body with a programme to be continued at home between appointments. Our online system is available to patients to view their exercises as videos to follow, and a space to confidentially feedback to your practitioner about your progress.

Rehabilitation and Pilates

Patients who are good candidates for Rehabilitation Exercise include;

  • Pre and Post Surgical
  • Joint Replacement
  • Ligament and Tendon Reconstruction
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Post Partum from 6 weeks
  • Upper Motor Neurone Conditions, such as Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Sports Injuries
  • Sports Performance


Our approach is different…We make a break from standardised isolated rehabilitation exercises, in favour of a modern functional approach. This is informed by the latest developments in orthopaedic and sports medicine – this means our practitioners read the research, evaluate it, and produce current models of rehabilitation for our clients to benefit from. Together with a firm understanding of pain science, your trainer will work to break poor biomechanical habits developed from pain or fear of injury.

Our programmes are also appropriate for those looking to improve their sporting performance; with our practitioners most commonly working with golf, football, long distance running and athletics.

Your practitioner will explain how each exercise will aid in your recovery, and show you the relevance of building your strength for the tasks in your everyday life. Every patient is different, so every programme is unique.