Nutrition Advice

For health, nutrition is just as important as training.

Weight loss plans centre on healthy eating and nutritional education. Learning the contents of our food, and how it affects our bodies, is a large part of making healthier eating choices.

Your trainer will provide nutrition advice and guide you through a nutritional plan to suit your requirements. They’ll consult with you on your goals and work out dietary advice especially for you. Communicating with your trainer between appointments will help you stay on track – using email, whatsapp and meal tracking apps, your trainer can check in and support you when you need it.

By changing your eating habits in a sustainable way, it can make long-term success much more achievable for our clients. Your trainer won’t ask you to turn your whole diet upside down at the start, and commit to something you can’t maintain. It’s important to find the meeting point between a healthy lifestyle and an enjoyable one. Our trainers aren’t here to make you give up all the foods you love! We’re here to educate you on the reasons bad eating patterns form, and how to stop relying on food as a crutch.

The key to changing your eating habits is changing your perception of the foods you eat. Education as to the different types of macronutrients in food, and the health benefits of each group, will help you to understand the building blocks your healthy eating programme is built on. Once our clients can appreciate the function of foods in the body, they can appreciate that a healthy and balanced diet includes foods from all the different food groups.

There are no starvation plans, mad rules, or strict deprivations on our eating plans. Just good, solid nutritional information backed by science, healthy swaps and endless encouragement from your trainer. Give us a call today for tried and tested nutrition advice.

Nutrition Advice