Client ‘Success Stories’

“Last year I started training with Matt to get fit and as an exercise to meet up with my brother. Thanks to Matt’s advice and encouragement I have become fitter, stronger and have gradually lost over three stone in weight.” – M.Bolger

“Training with Matt is challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. The support and direction he provides pushes you further than you think you can go and you gain the benefits.” – K.Bolger

Matt – I started training the Bolger brothers together as they had the same goals and fitness mentality. The sessions at the start mainly consisted of body weighted exercise as well as sessions of HIIT and running in the park to give them an idea of the sorts of things they could do themselves at home. After the first few months and their initial weight lose we moved on to doing weights to help them gain strength. It’s always a pleasure training these two and I’m always impressed with their motivation.

M. Bolger – Before Photo

M. Bolger – After Photo